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Class Not Mass Fashion & Design Market


poster Class Not Mass Fashion & Design Market Bucureşti

Fashion & Design Market
Class not Mass
Proudly powered by Molecule F & Palatul Noblesse - Lifestyle Palace

Date: 20th & 21st of May
Location: Palatul Noblesse - Lifestyle Palace
Daily Schedule: 10 AM - 7PM
Ticket: 10 lei

Class not Mass Market is the multi brand kingdom for 2 days gracefully ruled by Romanian values. A sophisticated town palace is mixed with an urban look of a market place where the spotlight is on the finest of Romanian values. Divided in 3 Kiosks, Class not Mass Market offers its customers a different and complete shopping experience.

Wired into Fashion Kiosk stands under the principle that fashion is not always loud, but 100% proud. The newest collections of clothing, accessories and footwear from established and emerging Romanian designers and brands by categories: urban wear, office, night out, clubbing, glamorous events, bridal. 

We Live Different Kiosk stands under the principle that you have to look beyond the obvious: don’t buy the brand, buy the product . We’ve curated the best of the best who push the envelope of design craftsmanship and quality: interior design, books, stationery, magazines, ambient flavors, organic cosmetics, flower arrangements.

Don’t eat alone Kiosk stands under the principle that if you are here, you’re a “class” member and all of us are your friends. Don’t connect to a wireless network, connect with the one next to you, start a networking real life web!

Stay tuned for more!

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